AlanDick East Africa & Co Ltd does telecom site maintenance to ensure that each system attains its designed life.

Passive Maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance;
    • Diesel generator preventive maintenance – Generator Servicing/ cleaning, installation, repairs and troubleshooting
    • Generator overhauls and deployments
    • Checking Fuel Levels
    • Checking functionalities of the Automatic Switch Transfer (ATS), Automatic Phase Selector (APS), Automatic Voltage regulators & Voltage stabilizers.
    • Installation and enabling of surge protection.
    • Site Earthing.
    • Backup power supply and maintenance i.e. providing battery banks, rectifiers, and inverter systems.
    • Installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems, ventilation, and fan coil units and cooling systems.
    • Tower and Tower Mountings Maintenance – AlanDick conducts tower audits to check structural stability, torque testing and painting.
  • Corrective/Event/Fault maintenance- Incident tickets management
  • Fuel Supply, logistics, and consumption management
  • Site facility management and shelter maintenance – Routine Repairs

Active Maintenance

Inclusive but not limited to

  • BTS upgrades and Maintenance of Transmission and Fiber Equipment
  • Rigging and cabling services
  • Drive test for optimization, frequency scanning & optimization.

NOC & Alarm Monitoring

Remote monitoring and alarm escalations for all outsourced sites and operating on a 24X7 basis.